If you would like to schedule one of the programs below, or discuss the ways we could customize a program to meet the needs of your classroom and curriculum, please contact Erin Rice at educator@ipswichmuseum.org or call 978.356.2811


Grades 1 – 3:

Mapping Ipswich:  Our collection of maps helps students see the development of the town of Ipswich over the course of a century. Our maps can be viewed in house or brought to your classroom. Students will learn how to read a key, find familiar places on old maps, orient themselves using the cardinal directions on the map and a compass, and make a map of their own classroom.

Ipswich: Town of Immigrants: Since the end of the last ice age, the land we now call Ipswich has attracted human settlement. Students will be guided through time with artifacts, photographs and documents that trace the long, rich history of immigration to the town. We will explore the reasons why people migrate, what they bring with them, how they make a new place home, and how this process shapes the identity of a place.

Life in the 17th century: The Whipple House provides an extremely well-preserved example of 17th century (first period) architecture. Combined with the replica Knight House, students will be guided through the daily activities and challenges of being a child in the 1600s. Students will have the opportunity to walk through the houses, use replica tools, play period games and explore some of the skills, trades, and traditions that defined early colonial life.

Grades 4 – 5:

Dig It! Archaeology in Ipswich: This is a traveling collection of fascinating Paleolithic and Early Archaic objects from the first humans to ever step foot in this part of the world. Students will be able to see and touch real spearheads, axes, gouges, hammerstones and other stone tools made thousands of years ago. Students will learn about the groundbreaking discoveries at Bull Brook, a local archaeological site that provided the first proof of ancient human life on the North Shore.

Slavery in Ipswich: A Historical Walking Tour: This is a self-guided walking or virtual tour through Ipswich’s history of slavery. Using the PocketSights App, students will learn about the people, places and events that are often left out of the history books. Combined with a post-tour classroom visit from our educator, the tour covers topics ranging from King Phillip’s War to the Civil War; freedom suits to Emancipation.

Walk through Time: Walking along the Ipswich River and through the town we encounter remnants of the industries, events and people that have shaped the history of this town, region and nation. In these tours we combine art, architecture, environment, monuments and remains to piece together centuries of history through place and an interdisciplinary approach.