Call for Art

The Ipswich Museum invites proposals for a work of art that will be installed on the conservation land owned by the museum and will become a part of its permanent collection. Artists may propose either an already completed piece for sale to the museum or propose a new piece that can be delivered within the timeframe and parameters listed below.

The Site: The proposed site for a work of public art is situated on the 5.8-acre museum property which includes a meadow and a small pond. The land borders the Ipswich River and is open to the general public year round. Walking paths are cleared from the road (S. Main St.) around the pond and along the river, and connect to the 17th century Whipple House property and a 17th century reproduction Alexander Knight House as well as to the historic cemetery in Ipswich’s South Green.

The site receives significant foot and driver traffic (with seasonal views from the road of artwork site). In recent years, significant habitat restoration work to control and remove invasive plant and tree species and install native plants has been conducted. In particular, a native pollinator and Monarch butterfly garden is on the site and plays a critical role in the regional ecosystem. The land is used by the museum for educational programs and occasional events. The addition of artwork to the land will help the museum increase visitation and public understanding of its environmental impact.

The artwork will be installed in a grassy clearing between the Whipple House and the pond and pollinator garden. The size of the artwork should not exceed an 8-10 square foot area. See photos of the site below.

Criteria: Successful proposals must convey an applicable environmental message about the site and either its role in providing native pollinator and Monarch butterfly habitat or its importance for the natural and watershed resources of the Town of Ipswich. The goal of the museum is to increase the educational impact of the land and encourage visitation. It is imperative that the artwork contribute to the interpretation of the site as a natural resource.

The committee is open to a wide range of media and interpretations of this environmental theme, however, the work must not make noise or require power; it must be able to withstand the elements of New England’s weather and changing seasons with a reasonable amount of maintenance, it must not interfere with or endanger plant or animal life on the site, and artists must provide the committee with their plans for installing the work and ensuring it will not pose a hazard to visitors.

Award Amount: $5,000

Eligibility:  All artists are eligible to apply, however artists based locally and throughout New England will be given special consideration.

Deadline: The deadline for proposals is Friday, May 7, 2021. The work must be completed and ready for installation by October 5, 2021.

Selection: A proposal will be selected by a review committee of 3 to 5 project team members based on the criteria above. The successful applicant will be contacted by June 8, 2021.

Entry fee: $10

To Apply: Send your proposal (2 page maximum description of the work and how it fits the museum’s vision, up to 8 images, CV, to Your entry fee is payable by credit card through our store link

Contact:  Questions and applications may be sent via email to Erin Rice at

About the institution: The Ipswich Museum is a non-profit organization that oversees three historical houses and 5 acres of conservation land abutting the Ipswich River. Originally founded in 1890 as the Ipswich Historical Society, the museum is home to a collection that reflects over 100 years of preservation by the society



Site Aerial View

Art site marked by X

Site Photo 1

Art site marked by X facing northeast. Above from left: Heard House, Alexander Knight House and Whipple House (the three properties of the Ipswich Museum).

Art site marked by X facing South towards Ipswich river and Sally's pond

Site Photo 2

Art site marked by X facing south towards Sally’s pond and Ipswich River